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28 Responses to Ask an Expert

  1. patricia harrison says:

    Do you have Eden Roses (Climber) in stock?

  2. Audrey Ledesma says:

    Hi! I’m interested in growing a dwarf banana tree in a half barrel. I live on a canyon with lots of sun and breeze. What type do you recommend for the La Mesa area? Thanks!

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      Hi Audrey, I am sorry, I don’t know- we haven’t carried any for the last few years.

  3. mario vigiani says:

    Can you recommend a local soil testing lab, where I can drop off a sample of my soil and get results back in a reasonable length of time, and at a reasonable price? Thanks MV

  4. Cindy McLaughlin says:

    I was wondering if you have beneficial nematodes. The skunks are digging my grass up looking for grubs. I have read they are good to kill grubs. Do you have anything that will work for skunk control.
    Thank you, Cindy

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      Hi Cindy- we don’t carry beneficial nematodes- try City Farmers nursery. Apparently skunks do not like the smell of ammonia, so you can soak a few rags and put them in your garden to keep the skunks away.

  5. Jeff says:

    Hi, I am looking for:
    1. a ground cover
    2. for a steep slope
    3. that is drought-tolerant
    4. that grows rapidly
    5. that is low-growing
    6. that is good for erosion control.

    Do you have any suggestions? Do you carry any kind of plants that have the above characteristics?

    Thank you very much,

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      You can use an iceplant(not red apple) or pink myoporum for ground cover. Also spreading shrubs like bougainvillea, acacia, rockrose, or ceanothus would cover a large area.

  6. genie creighton says:

    “Sunset Celebration” hybrid tea rose isn’t listed in your website.Are you able to order it?It’s a great rose.Thank you

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      We have carried it in the past, but did not order it this year. We will consider it for our order that comes in December 2014. Thank you for your input.

  7. Aaron says:

    I have an established avocado tree (~20ft) that has been experiencing tip burning. It started out at the very tips and now they are burnt close to half the length of the leaves. I tried to leach the ground for salts and added mulch with iron. Is there anything else that could be going on?


    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      It could be a result of the cold temps at the beginning of December, or also the leaves getting old. The tree should shed quite a few leaves in the spring when the new ones come on. It seems to be pretty normal for avocado trees.

  8. Marcelle Brown says:

    We are looking for a ground cover for a rectangular section behind a retaining wall. We need something that will fill in the entire dirt area because our dogs run up there and will track dirt back to the house. What do you suggest?

    Thanks in advance,
    Marcelle Brown

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      If your dogs are small, you could use dymondia or some type of creeping thyme. If they are large, some kind of grass would work best: St. Augustine, fescue, Korean grass(dormant in winter).
      You can also use iceplant or myoporum to cover the dirt, which grow quickly, but don’t take foot traffic.

  9. Peggy says:

    I am looking for a syringa vulgaris, ‘lavender lady’ or ‘blue skies’ if possible, as well as a acer palmatum (Japanese maple) nondissectum type that is no more than 7′ tall. Please let me know if you have either of these. Also, I am looking for milkweed. Thanks!

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      Hi Peggy,

      We have 2 types of lilac, both purple. We also have the milkweed. We don’t carry Japanese maple.

      Thank you
      Hunter’s Nursery

  10. Brenda says:


    We have and avocado tree that is about 5 years old. Unfortunately, last summer it started having a problems during the very end of summer. It has now lost all its leaves and some branches are turning black. Is it too late to save it? Should I dig it up and put it in a pot to nurse it? I fear the worse and think we may have to get a new one. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      I know we had an extended hot spell last summer, followed by some very cold nights this winter, which could have caused some damage to your tree. Hopefully, it will be able to survive.

      Here are our recommendations:
      -Try to shade the branches to avoid sunburn- use an old bedsheet, burlap, etc.
      -Keep moist, but do not overwater. The roots will rot off.
      -Wait and watch for new leaves to appear. Then you can cut back dead or damaged branches. Water and feed carefully after new growth appears.

      Thank you
      Hunter’s Nursery

  11. Brandon says:

    Do you sell worms?

  12. Elsa says:

    Hi, I noticed now that the weather is getting warmer my lawn seems to be getting brown patches. I water my lawn 3 times a week for 10 minutes each day. I was wondering if I need to increase the watering time or the days?

    • huntersn says:


      If the rest of the lawn looks healthy I would check to be sure that the sprinklers are reaching all areas. If they do not reach all areas you will need to adjust them or hand water the brown patches. If the whole lawn looks dry I would start with increasing watering time and then increasing number of days. And be sure your are feeding the lawn.

      thank you
      Hunter’s Nursery

  13. Gaye says:

    We have a large rocky slope, with poor sandy soil, on the north side of our house. We planted an assortment including Cape Honeysuckle, trailing rosemary, seedum, Mexican heather and gazanias. The gazanias have created a maintenance nightmare with the seed pods. The pods are all over the place, clinging to everything and clogging the pool filter. We are having the gazanias pulled out on Wednesday and we will be left with lots of bare areas on the slope. The other plants are doing well and we plan to keep them. What do you suggest for this large area that will fill in and grow rather quickly? Thank you

    • huntersn says:


      You could use a pink myoporum. It is tight to the ground, spreads quickly, and has tiny pink flowers.

      Thank you
      Hunter’s Nursery

  14. Josefina Sison says:

    I have been looking for a bay laurel tree. Do you have any in stock in your nursery?



    • huntersn says:

      Hi Josefina

      We carry Bay Laurel in a popular bush/multitrunk style. The variety we have is called Saratoga and it is in a 5 gallon.

      Thank you
      Hunter’s Nursery

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