Perennial Plants

Succulents, drought-tollerant, and native plants at Hunter's Nursery in San Diego
Succulents, drought-tollerant, and native plants at Hunter’s Nursery in San Diego

We have a great selection of perennial (growing for more than one year) plants. They are hardy, with interesting flowers, and a nice addition to your landscape. Many are drought-tolerant, great for a water-wise garden. They also often attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

5 Responses to Perennial Plants

  1. elaine says:

    do you carry aconium plants? cordyline-purple tower?

  2. Kathryn Guy says:

    Do you have Natal Plum shrubs?

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      Yes- we have carissa ‘tuttlei'(lower growing) in #1 and #5, and carissa ‘fancy’ only in the #5.

  3. huntersn says:

    We carry both Tuscan Blue and Prostratus Rosemary in 1 and 5 gallons sizes.
    Thank you,
    Hunter’s Nursery

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