2 Responses to How long have you been coming to Hunter’s Nursery?

  1. jon nunez says:

    I remember going to Hunters Nursery as a kid With my Grandfather Morris Nunez Sr. He worked for Hunters Nursery for many many Years. I really enjoyed walking the grounds of the Nursery and I remeber the old fashion Coke machine you used to have that served coke bottles. If you have any Photos of Morris you could send me that would be super.

    Jon Nunez
    714 200 8518

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      Hi Jon,

      I remember your grandfather’s name. I called my Gramma who, of course, remembers Morris and Marcella and “young” Morris jr. She may have some photos on slides which were already planning to view over the holidays. I will let you know if we find any.

      I forgot about the Coke machine. What a fun memory. It is gone now.

      Take good care,

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