Hunter's Nursery carries fruit trees, citrus trees, avocado trees, and landscape trees for the San Diego climate.
Hunter’s Nursery carries fruit trees, citrus trees, avocado trees, and landscape trees for the San Diego climate.

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  1. Hiroaki Shimizu says:

    Do you have a list of your edibles that you can send me? If not could I get a list of your peach varieties and avocado varieties in 15 g size. Also, what variety and sizes of lemons do you carry? Do you have Stanley and Blue Damson Prunes? What size do they come in if you have them? Also, I would like to know what green skinned figs you carry if you carry them.

    I’m mostly interested in instant orchard or near instant orchard trees and the EZ pick variety if possible.

    Thank you for your time in regards to this.

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      At this time in vegetable packs, we have broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, chard, kale, lettuce, spinach, peas, beans, strawberries, and herbs. Peach varieties: August Pride, Babcock, Elberta, Tropic Snow, Mid Pride, Red Baron. Avocado: Hass, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Sir Prize, Stewart, (Bacon, Holiday, and Reed- not in stock). Lemons: Eureka and Meyer (both in standard and semi-dwarf)- #5, #7, #15. Fig: Garnsey White(Kadota- not in stock). We do not carry prunes. We will have a larger selection of peach trees, as well as some EZ pick ones, when we receive our bare-root order in January. We get deliveries of citrus and avocado trees about once a week.

  2. Jim Salassi says:

    Do you have Podacarpus Henklii in 15’s?

  3. Terry Anderson says:

    Do you carry Ponderosa Lemon Trees?

  4. Tod H. says:

    Do you have a tree called Calodendrum Capense or the Cape Chestnut?

  5. Simone says:

    Do you have any magnolia trees?

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      Yes, we carry a few varieties of magnolia trees. They cost from $29.95 to $295.00, depending on size and type.

  6. Scott Lindley says:

    Do you carry Dwarf Fig trees. If not, do you have nursery you recommend. Also, can you plant at this time of year or should I wait till next spring?

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      We have a few yellow ones. They are $24.95 (#5). They don’t have any flowers right now.

  7. carl says:

    Do you carry giant sequoia trees?

  8. Cathy says:

    Do you have Kalamansi fruit trees and if not, can you recommend a place in San Diego to get one?

  9. Renee says:

    What type of apple tree do you have that will grow in lemon grove?

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      We have Anna, Beverly Hills, Fuji, and Gala. We sometimes also have Gordon and Granny Smith, but we are out at this time.
      Thank you
      Hunter’s Nursery

  10. Ed says:

    What types of Avocado trees do you have in stock in the 15 gallon size?

  11. Linda says:

    Do you carry purple fig trees? Can they be container planted? How much?

    How do I rid my yard of a ground squirrel?

    • Hunter's Nursery Lemon Grove says:

      We have black mission, black jack, and brown turkey figs. The black jack is a smaller tree so most suited to a container. The others get pretty big.

      I’ll check about the ground squirrels.

  12. conni musser says:

    Do you have any 25 gallon Wertz and Mexicola Avocado trees? What are the prices? Thank you

  13. Deborah Cohen says:

    Do you have any Persian Sweet lemon trees? I would like to buy 3-4.

    Please answer me via email Thanks

  14. Juan Carlos says:

    Do I need a permit to plant fruit trees/blueberries/flowers here in Lemon Grove ?

    How much is an Avocado Hass tree 7/15 gallon?

    Do you have cherry blossom trees ? (white/pink flowers) if yes, what are the sizes/prices?

    Thank You for your time.

  15. Ed says:

    When is the best time to prune avacado tree? Itis about 15 ft tall.. How much water does it need?

  16. Carolyne Maki says:

    I am interested in purchasing several fruit trees. Do you have them and if not who in Spring Valley does.

    Thank you

    • huntersn says:


      Yes we have many fruit tree choices. Please come in and we will be happy to show you large selection.

      Thank you
      Hunter’s Nursery

  17. Michel says:

    Do you have Delonix Regia?

    • huntersn says:

      Hello Michel,

      We have one 24″ with multiple branches for $395. Right now it is still bare. Come on over and give it a look; easy to see if you like it’s shape.

      Thank you,
      Hunter’s Nursery

  18. Robert Sampson says:

    Do your Haas Avocado trees require a pollenizer to produce fruit? Which Avocado trees will produce fruit right away?
    Which dwarf peach tree is best for Lakeside?
    How long is the guarantee on your trees?

    Thank you for your time

    • huntersn says:


      None of the avocado trees require a pollenizer to produce fruit. Bacon typically has fruit at the youngest age. Pinkerton is typically next in line but this year they have fruit already here at the nursery. Haas would probably be next. Avocados can be difficult to get started; when you come in to choose your variety, we recommend that you discuss their care with one of our specialists.

      We carry Garden Parade dwarf peach.

      Since we are dealing with living things we feel we can only be responsibly for their care until they leave our property. We do not guarentee, however, we ask that if someone has a concern to give us a call as early as possible so we may be able to help resolve a care issue early.

      Thank you for contacting Hunter’s Nursery

  19. Zheng says:

    Do you have young starter Avocado trees in pots? If so what are the prices? Also interested in starter Orange trees and lemon trees prices too.


    Lemon Grove

    • huntersn says:

      Hi Zheng,
      We have avocado trees in 5 gallon, 7 gallon, 15 gallon pots. In stock today in 5 g we have Bacon, Pinkerton, Fuerte and Haas varieties. The 5g are $25.99 each.

      Thank you
      Hunter’s Nursery

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