packs of vegetable and herb starts displayed on wood shelves
Vegetables and Herbs at Hunter’s Nursery in San Diego

Growing vegetables in your yard or garden is rewarding and tasty. If you are lucky enough to live in San Diego then you can grow fresh delicious produce year-round. Hunter’s Nursery carries seasonal vegetables, herbs, and seeds to help you get your garden going.

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  1. Laura Jones-Bedel says:

    Hi. I am looking for a Brugmansia, preferably in yellow or pink. I’d like to make a special gift of one for a friend who just lost her mother. Also, if they are available, can you repot one for me? Thanks.

  2. D Hamann says:

    Do you have bluberry bushes for SoCal? Do you have Smoke tree? Do you have Brugmansia, Angel’s trumpet in double white?

    • huntersn says:

      Hi Debby,

      Sorry for the delay. I was on a vacation.

      Yes we do have blueberries for So Cal. Only a few left in several varieties.

      Brugmansia, Yes we have 5 gallon yellow, white and pink. 15 gallon yellow. And yes we do have double white. The tags do not say so but the flowers are double, so look for ones with flowers on to be sure.

      Thank you for your patience.

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