Open Daily 8-5

Hunter’s Nursery hours are

8:00am-5:00pm daily 

in Lemon Grove with easy access

from all areas of San Diego

variety of vegetables displayed on raised tables
Vegetables and Herbs in Season

Hanging flower baskets at Hunter's Nursery in San Diego
Hanging flower baskets at Hunter’s Nursery in San Diego
Colorful gazanias make a great backdrop for Hunter's Nursery gift certificate
Gift cards available at Hunter’s Nursery in San Diego, Lemon Grove
Shade Plants at San Diego's Hunter's Nursery in Lemon Grove, CA
Shade Plants at San Diego’s Hunter’s Nursery in Lemon Grove, CA

Hunter’s Nursery, located in Lemon Grove, has a large selection of roses and trees along with its large selection of bedding plants. This is a family owned nursery, has been at its Lemon Grove/Spring Valley location forever, and has a real knowledgeable staff.
-Just Grow It: San Diego Gardening

Find Us:

3110 Sweetwater Road, Lemon Grove, CA 91945



Open Daily 8-5

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