Low prices on the best selection of new roses in San Diego

Unbelievably beautiful "Judy Garland" Rose
Unbelievably beautiful “Ingrid Bergman” Red Rose

Hundreds and hundreds of roses to choose from with many new varieties arriving each December.

They are available while supplies last until next year’s order. If you need a specific variety, you may want to call to see if we have any of that one left.

$22.95 for bush roses & $35.00-45.00 for tree roses.   Continue reading

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Grow Your Own Food

variety of vegetables displayed on raised tables
Vegetables and Herbs in Season

Many people are growing their own food for a variety of reasons. Freshly picked product always tastes best growing it yourself gives you satisfaction and beautifies your yard.

Avoiding chemicals in food has become a priority for many people. The best way to ensure what you are eating is to grow it yourself. San Diego has perfect climate for growing food all year long.

You don’t need a designated garden space for vegetable. Whether you are landscaping from scratch or adding to an existing yard. Vegetable and herbs interspersed among your landscape plants adds beauty, function and surprise to you landscape.

We keep a wide variety of seasonal herbs and vegetables throughout the year with new arrivals on Tuesdays and Fridays.




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Citrus Trees

Imagine bright green leaves, sprightly little blossoms that look like a multitude of stars, a scent that perfumes the air, and colorful fruit ripening on the branch. Now, imagine all this in your home in the depths of winter. It’s not a dream, it’s what you get when you grow citrus in a pot, which is actually easier than you might suspect.

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